Office Syndrome

is a behavioral disease Improper sitting behavior, such as sitting in front of the computer in the same position for a long time lack of movement Changing posture, not moving anywhere, causing the muscles to contract. stuck in the same position Some muscles are stretched. cause muscle pain which these behaviors affect health and can cause office syndrome

office syndrome This is caused by two main factors:

  • Unhygienic working environments such as low light improper use of equipment The desk doesn't fit properly. Computer screen position is too high or too low. chair seat without backrest
  • Inappropriate sitting postures, such as hunched back, hunched back, sitting on a chair with no backrest or not sitting with a full bottom, sitting cross-legged, sitting in the same position for a long time, not moving

How can marijuana help with Office Syndrome?

Cannabis relieves pain Most of the cannabinoids, especially THC, can be used to reduce acute and chronic pain. This is the main reason for using cannabis extract to reduce pain. Clinical trials have shown that THC can help reduce central neuropathic pain and help patients sleep more. There is a prescription for a spray. It uses a blend of THC and CBD, which can help reduce rheumatoid arthritis and muscle pain.