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History of Greenhead Clinic

Greenhead Clinic

The Biggest Legal Medical Cannabis Clinic – Greenhead Clinic
Greenhead Clinic is a Thai traditional medical clinic registered legally for the use of hemp and cannabis in health care.

Greenhead Clinic, was founded by Mr. Soratat Pongsangiam and Mr. Noppon Ovas, who fell in love with cannabis in 1996. Nowadays, we are a leader in cannabis and hemp consulting in Thailand we work with one of the biggest farms in CA, USA: Headwater, cannabis wholesalers.

Greenhead Clinic provides a one-stop service and a wide range of hemp and cannabis products and services - all cannabis solutions for anyone that needs our help or advice. At Greenhead Clinic, our Thai traditional doctor will provide advice, care, and treatments with our expert team that can give specific information to cannabis users for a proper use.

  • Thai traditional clinic which specializes in Cannabis
  • Selling THC and CBD products
  • Licenses cannabis’s patients
  • Selling cosmetics products
  • Selling Cannabis smoking accessories
  • Provide a Thai traditional massage by our BTM. (doctor)
  • Wellness package offer
  • Deep sleep program
  • Pain relieve